Fishing Department Info

Yeager’s boasts the biggest fishing department in Whatcom County – as well as the most knowledgeable staff around. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned fisher, Yeager’s staff can send you out the door with the right equipment and headed in the right direction for a fantastic fishing experience.

The department’s comprehensive selection includes a mix of the staples you’ll need along with new products that just might be “the” key to your best outing ever. From lakes to streams to salt water, look to Yeager’s as your one-stop fishing shop.


Featured Brands


  • Shimano rods/reels
  • Lamiglas rods
  • Daiwa rods
  • Zebco rods/reels’
  • Shakespeare rods/reels
  • Pflueger rods/reels
  • Berkley rods/reels
  • Abu Garcia reels
  • Penn rods/reels
  • Kufa rods
  • Okuma
  • Tica
  • Master
  • Reddington
  • Eagle Claw

Fishing Tackle

  • Silver Horde-Gold Star
  • Gibbs-Delta
  • Rio
  • Shasta Tackle
  • Rapala
  • Dick Nite
  • Olympic Tackle
  • Hot Spot
  • Pro Cure
  • Harline Dubbin
  • Gary Yamamato
  • Smi-Beau Mac
  • Mepps
  • Koppers
  • Blue Fox
  • Worden's
  • Miracle lure
  • Gamakatsu
  • Savage Spinners
  • Daiichi
  • Maxima
  • Izorline
  • P-Line
  • Power Pro
  • Owner
  • Seaguar
  • Scotty
  • Zoom
  • Dexter Russel
  • Jesarin
  • Robo Worm
  • Ace Line Hauler
  • Panther Martin
  • B2 Squid
  • Pautzke
  • Danielson
  • Loon
  • Mad River
  • Brad's
  • American Maple-Promar
  • Sampo
  • Booyah
  • Mustad
  • Bug Shop
  • Mack's Lures
  • . . . And More!

Meet Landon Arman

Landon Arman grew up right here in Bellingham, going to school in Ferndale. He can’t remember when he first started fishing, but recalls a picture at about age 4, proudly holding up a fresh catch. He began with lake fishing, eventually moving on to try nearly every style and variety. Landon takes every opportunity he can to get out on the water. He particularly enjoys chasing salmon, steelhead, and trout through the rivers and streams. One of the big lures of fishing for Landon, aside from the delicious fish, is the opportunity to explore new places and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. Email Landon at: