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Outdoor Report for August 1st, 2019

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Hello out there in the great Northwest- Westy here! As some of you know, I spent a 30-year career traveling and working in the length and breadth of this great land, and you can take it from me that this is the best place in the country to live.

I said that to say this. Yeager’s is several stores rolled into one but at the heart of it all, we are a hunting and fishing store. We believe wholeheartedly in those sports and the spirit of Ira Yeager, our founder, lives, on. There is much turmoil these days between the many stakeholders in our hunting and fishing resources and it just shouldn’t be that way.

There really could be enough for all, but it seems that the sport hunter and fisher is too often last in line for allocation of the resource. It is you and I who pay the lions share of the cost through our license fees and yet there are those who say we don’t pay enough.

Hunters and fishers are at the head of the list when it comes to conservation. The monies we spend to preserve and protect habitat and the species that live there is huge. Everyone should remember that there are hundreds of species that are not hunted or fished for, or otherwise harvested that habituate the same waters, forests, and fields as those that are harvested, and they benefit from our dollars as well.

So, if you hunt or fish, be proud of it, stay with it and don’t give up. If you are unhappy with the allocation of the resource, don’t just do your complaining at our license tills. Do it with your pens, your computers, your telephones or whatever, but keep after the decision makers starting at the very top and let them know how you feel. Be respectful, but firm and say what needs to be said, over and over and over again until someone gets it.

Yes, I’m on my soap box or stump again for the first time in several years. But, I’ve been hunting and fishing in this state and others for over 60 years and I’ve seen the best and the worst of it and everything in between, and I’m still in the fight for fairness and will be until I take my last breath.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for visiting.