Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for August 9th, 2018

No recording available this week.

Well here we are again in a hot dry August with a lower than projected Sockeye run at Baker Lake, and just a month left in the season. Funny how that keeps happening, year after year. The folks that can get up there enough days seem to be getting a few fish but my two trips were a bust.

Here’s some news for you bear hunters that took me completely by surprise. Shelly, our hunting manager, pointed out something new in the Big Game regs on page 70 you had best check out. If you are going to hunt bear in GMU 418, Nooksack, you have to be carrying proof that you passed a Bear Identification Test to be able to tell a Black Bear from a Grizzly. This applies to 11 other GMUs around the state also.

Fairly often we get questions about what other species of fish besides trout salmon and steelhead from our local waters can be eaten. On Page 16 in the 2018 Fishing Regs there is a chart on that subject and the only lake in our area mentioned is Lake Whatcom, but I think I would use the same information for Lake Samish as well.

Clam diggers rejoice, you have some big minus tides this weekend with a 2.3 on Friday and Saturday and a 1.9 on Sunday, and, they happen before the hottest part of the day. I’m recording this on Tuesday and as of this morning, my favorite spot at Birch Bay State Park is safe for harvesting. But, as I always remind you, check on the morning you’re going to go to be sure there are no closures where you want to dig.

I have a report from some hikers that the saber-toothed man-eating black flies are out and about now. They’re in the mid to higher elevations, and voraciously hungry for human flesh so I advise you to be sure to carry and apply plenty of bug spray. Mosquito netting to keep them away from your eyes is a good idea also.

The warm weather and warm waters have caused trout fishing to go flat generally but you can still catch them if you go early in the morning or late in the evening and fish deeper water where it’s cooler.

That’s it for this week, thanks for visiting.