Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for April 19th, 2018

No recording available this week.

Hey there, it’s Westy at Yeager’s with your outdoor report and it’s nearly all about trout season but I’ll begin by thanking all of you who came to our Annual Kids Event last Saturday.

It was a monster. We had 350 kids last year so we planned for 400 this year but packed enough gift bags for 450 just to be safe. Oooops,,,, we had around 600 kids show up so we’ll make up the shortages in the next week or so.

It was a riot and it really touched my heart to see so many smiling young faces and to hear so many moms and dads express their appreciation to us for doing this event. Especially, it was fun for me to see kids from previous years back again, another year older, another year taller and even more excited about fishing.

I have to thank my crew also as they were awesome and worked hard all day to make sure everyone got some attention and had a fun time.

This Friday, KGMI will be here from 3-6 to kick off our part of their Spring Fling Campaign and we’ll be kicking off the final weekend before the opening of lowland lake trout season which begins on the 28th.

Please be reminded that there is a Kids Fishing Derby at Silver Lake on opening day sponsored by the Ferndale Kiwanis Club. It runs from 5:AM to 10:30 so get up early if your going to participate. They will also have a breakfast event at the clubhouse from 6-11 at 4 bucks for kids and 7 bucks for adults.

By the way, it’s too early to be certain about the weather on opening day but it looks like a fairly good chance for fair weather with a high that day of 57 degrees,,,,maybe, but pack your rain coat just in case.

Then on Saturday, May 5th there is the resurrected kids derby at the Derby pond at Whatcom Falls Park put on by the Northwest Steelhead club. Details are posted here at the store.

We continue to experience problems with the equipment WDFW give us for selling licenses so if you don’t have yours yet, don’t wait until the last minute, get in here now.

On another subject:

Last Saturday night after that fabulous Kids Fishing Day event at the store, my wife and I attended an event that was even more moving. We had become aware of a benefit being held at the Deming Log Show Grounds for a family in great need. The husband, and father of six children had been critically injured in an accident and was going to be many weeks, perhaps months, in recovery.

I couldn’t actually count them but I believe there were at least 200 people there
I also could not believe the enormous array of items that has been put up for auction nor the variety or quality of those items. There were a number of corporate donations including some from Yeager’s but overwhelmingly the items were put up by individuals and couples, many of which were homemade.

In many cases, it was apparent that people had just gone out and purchased items they thought might bring a good price and then had donated them. Their hopes were will founded as I did not see a single item go for less than its market value and most items went for well above their market value.

The bidding on some items was just plain crazy. Items with a value of a couple of hundred dollars at most, went for thousands. There seemed to be no limit to what people were willing to spend to help a family in distress.

One fellow bid for, and bought back, the service he had offered and paid several times what it as worth. Two teenage boys, one of whom was a son of the injured man, auctioned themselves off to do six hours of labor and the winning bidder paid $900 for them, that’s $37.50 per kid per hour.

This was no high society event with a lot of suits and Champaign or fancy hors d’ oeuvres. We ate good Spaghetti and sides and I saw nothing but blue jeans, tennis shoes, cowboy boots, well-worn Romeo slippers and logger jeans and hickory shirts. Not saying that none of these people were well off financially, I’m sure some of them were but they were just caring people with a mission that night and that mission was to help this family. I must add that this was the best organized and best run event of this type that I have ever attended.

When I think of all the crap we get from the media these days whose mission seems to be to keep us scared, angry and worried all the time, it is easy to forget that America, the real America, still works at least in our corner of it, and I believe that it still works in many other corners as well.

We still are a nation of loving caring people who look out for one another and come through for one another when the need arises. An event like the one on Saturday night is a faith restoring event and I am so glad Jane and I got to be part of it.

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