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Outdoor Report for November 14th, 2019

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Hi, it’s Westy for Yeager’s looking out my office window at two fat, sleek Blacktail deer and wondering how I could walk so many miles in the woods a not see anything day after day. The truth is, many experts agree the Blacktail deer is the most difficult deer in North America to hunt. They are smart, elusive, and they live in difficult terrain. The semi-tame deer you’ve seen in your yard in town are very different from those out in the wild dodging hunters and Cougars day after day.

The late Buck season for modern rifle in the 407 ends this Sunday so you still have a chance for some venison for the winter. The late muzzle loader season in the 407 begins on the 27th and runs through December 15th. This is the season I’m most excited about. I love hunting with my Lyman Great Plains rifle in 54 caliber, and hunting the late season carries the promise, or at least the hope, for some snow and somehow that just feels right to me.

By the way, this Sunday I’m headed back to North Carolina for Quail and Whitetail deer. I had a wonderful time there last year and I’m looking forward to it again. I am a little worried that the major winter storm back east right now may be a problem as I have to fly through Detroit to get to Charlotte.

As of this writing, the Nooksack is very low and very clear but it’s raining as I write so maybe it’ll come up a bit by the weekend. Fishers tell me they are still catching Coho and I’m hearing of some Chums being taken in Whatcom Creek and the Nooksack. I repeat, when the river is gin clear, go with small and shiny lures and as it colors up switch to larger gear.

Here’s a tip for your Black Friday if you don’t feel like going shopping. The WDFW has restocked a number of lakes around the state with some 15-16 in Rainbows for a special season and our own Lake Padden is one of those lakes, along with Clear Lake and Cranberry Lake in Skagit County. Padden will be open through January 5th, 2020 so you can fish there all through the holidays.

If you do feel like shopping on Black Friday, we’re open from 9-7, with coffee on all day, and that is the extent of our craziness for that day. No reason to get up early or stand in line at the door in the rain. Just drift on in for a calm, laid back day of Shopping with one of our new larger chopping carts.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for visiting.