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Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for December 12th, 2019

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Hey there, It’s Westy at Yeager’s and I have to start by thanking all of you who joined the chaos and craziness at our 12 Hour Sale on Wednesday.  What a day it was!

Some waterfowlers report that things have slowed down somewhat but we have some stormy days coming and that should stir things up a bit.  The Ducks Unlimited Calendar indicates that most species of ducks have begun to pair up for the breeding season coming soon.  You still have over a month of season yet, so just keep hoping for windy mornings.  Birds arriving newly from up north will be more heavily plumed so you may want to up your shot size to at least # 2’s and we surely recommend Heavy Shot for a bit more range.

I saw some folks flogging the North Fork for Chum salmon over the weekend and I hear that a few dogs are being taken by those patient enough to spend the time.  One of the favorite baits for Chums is really a simple little ball of fluorescent yarn on a single hook, or, yarn added to eggs or other bait.  The theory is that the yarn tangles in their teeth and gives you another couple of seconds to set the hook.

Muzzle loader deer and elk seasons are still open in the 407 but I’m not hearing much bragging from anyone.  None of the guys I hunt with have connected yet.  The deer season for any deer ends on the 15th but elk runs to January 20 for any elk.

With Christmas just around the corner, I need to remind you that perfect days outdoors begin here at Yeager’s and quite frankly there is no one else like us anywhere around here.  You would have to go to several other stores to find all the stuff we have under one roof, so why bother.  We’ve spent 98 years learning what works in this corner of the world and we know when to stick with old favorite brands and when to try the newer lines, and, we have the pros to help you get started on the path to success.

Think of us as a fishing store, hunting store, shooting sports store, skiing and snowboarding store, paddle sports store, camping store, footwear store, apparel store, toy store, housewares store, workwear store or just-about-anything-else-you-need store.

Better yet, just show up and check us out.

Come and see us on Northwest Ave in Bellingham.