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Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for May 21st, 2020

Hey there, It’s Westy for Yeager’s with your Outdoor Report.

Last Saturday morning it was kind of cold and drizzly but my wife and I just had to try the Skagit River for the opening day of the Hatchery Chinook season. The river was high so we tried pulling plugs upstream. I figured with that much water coming down and those fish being on the move, something big and obnoxious right in their faces would draw a strike, but, we never saw a fish. We passed a lot of boats that were anchored up and didn’t see anything going on there either and the few folks we talked to were empty also.

It’s a short season ending with the month so we’re going to try again, hoping that more fish will be in the river and that it drops a bit. If any of you have had better luck, we’d sure like to hear about it. If I’m not at the store when you call or come in, just give your report to the guys in the fishing department and they’ll pass it on to me.

Kokanee fishers at Samish and Whatcom are still doing okay but it’s an early morning event as always.   I still need to get out after some Kokes to try out those new Scotty Electric Downriggers I had installed a few weeks ago. I have fished with those on a friend’s boat and I can tell you they are worth the money.

Here’s some good news: Halibut Season is open in Marine Areas 5-10 on alternating days. Since it opened on the 20th, I guess that means even days only in May and odd days only in June, through June 30th, and it’s a one fish per day limit.

Here’s some more good news: The North Fork of the Nooksack opens for the retention of Hatchery Spring Chinook Salmon on June 1st. It’s a two fish limit and the river will be open from the Hwy 9 Bridge to the Yellow Market on the upstream side of the Kendall Hatchery.

We’re sure happy to see you back in the store these days and hope you like the improvements we’ve made for your benefit. Our owner spent a lot of money making the place safer, neater, cleaner, and much better looking, all for you, our esteemed customers.

Memorial Day is Monday which is traditionally the beginning of camping season but the governor has not opened that option yet. However, camping season will begin eventually and we are loaded up for you so it’s time to get in here and get your gear while the selection is best.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Memorial Day at home with family and give a thought to what that day is all about. We are sad that there are no traditional events happening that day but this health crisis will pass and while it may bring us a new version of normal, we’ll all get through it together.

Thanks for visiting.