Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for April 11th, 2019

No recording available this week.

Hello out there all you bird watchers. We just saw our first fully fledged Goldfinches a few days ago and we’ve been seeing the red headed House Finches for some time now. Most of the migrant species have made their appearances by now and with the trees not yet fully leafed out, this is a good time for a walk in the woods or on the trails around the county to see birds. Any pair of binoculars will do but we recommend 10 x 50s for their greater magnification and wider field of view. We carry those in several styles.

We keep hoping to hear of some Kokanee action at Lake Samish as it should be starting about now. If you have any information on that topic, please pass it along to me.

Bass tournament season is upon us with events going on often. We have the schedule for you if you need it. The Borderline Bass’n Contenders have one at Terrell this Saturday so you might want to drift out there and see what it’s all about. There is another one at Lake Whatcom on the 27th.

Speaking of the 27th , that is also the day that trout season opens in the lowland lakes so if you haven’t been in to get your license and your gear, you may want to be the rush and the long lines at the license counter.

And, this is to remind you of our Family Fishing Day on the 20th. We want to be sure that you and yours are successful in pursuing those early season trout so the main focus of the day is help you learn the techniques you will need to catch fish. Bring the kids and we’ll have something for them as well.

We especially encourage single parents and non-fishing parents who are not regular fishers to come in and learn from us so that you can take your kids, or someone else’s kids out for a great day at the lake.

Every year at the kid’s derby or when I go fishing for myself, I see people and especially kids being disappointed because they are not catching anything. The most common reason is that they are just not doing it right, and we can help.

Yes, life is full of little disappointments but fishing for trout doesn’t have to be one of them, especially in childhood.

Perfect days fishing, begin at Yeager’s on NW Ave in Bellingham.

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