Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for June 14th, 2018

No recording available this week.

Hi there, it’s Westy at Yeager’s with your outdoor report and this week it is about Sockeye in the Skagit and Father’s Day on Sunday.

The river opens with a three fish limit on Saturday and even though we’ve just had some big rains on the past weekend, I’m predicting that the river will drop into perfect shape for the opener. I know I’m taking a chance with a prediction like that but optimism is just one of my faults.

The river is only open above the Memorial Bridge in Mt Vernon so if you launch at the park there you’ll have to run upstream a bit. I’m thinking that just up from Johnson’s Bar on the south side of the river but in water no deeper than six feet would be a good place to start.

I’m thinking I’ll start further up out of Burlington, again running up around the first bend. This is plunking fishing and I do it two ways, neither of which has been very productive but I think that’s more a matter of bad luck than bad tactics.

On one rod I’ll have a bank sinker with just enough weight to get it to the bottom some yards below the boat. This way the whole gear can move around more and maybe draw a strike. If there is someone else in the boat I’ll set up another rig with a pyramid sinker, a bit heavier, hoping it will dig in, and keep the bait in a fixed position hopefully in the slot the fish are using. Live Sand Shrimp is your best bait but any other shrimp is better than no shrimp but keep the whole thing small. Keep in mind that Sockeye are plankton eaters so big baits are not attractive to them.

As for Father’s Day, I hope you have a good one. And, if this is your first Father’s Day without that man, I know exactly what you’re feeling. I lost my dad a lot of years ago, and as hard as that first one was, I have learned to live with it, even though every Father’s Day I wake up wishing for that one more day with him.

Anyway, celebrate the day as you see fit and remember only the good times. Give dad an extra hug if you’re going to see him and at least a call if you’re not.

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