Westy’s Outdoor Report


Outdoor Report for May 25th, 2017

Audio coming soon.

Well, here we are coming into Memorial Day weekend and I hope you have something fun planned. It’s Westy here at Yeager’s hoping you have a sunny and safe long weekend.

There are so many options for things to do this weekend I’m going in circles deciding where to start. Bass fishing has been great, especially at Lake Terrell for large mouth, the small mouth bite at Lake Whatcom is just heating up and trout fishing has been good in all the local lakes.

Even the Kokanee in Lake Samish are beginning to cooperate somewhat better.

There are some great clam tides happening now with the best one being a 2.8 minus on Saturday. There are no closures as of this writing but be sure to check before you go.

Many of the mountain roads are open now so some of the trails are opening up and there’s always the lower hikes off of Chuckanut Drive such as Cedar and Pine Lakes, Lost Lake, and Oyster Dome.

It’s not too early to begin camping and that just naturally requires a stop at Yeager’s to get geared up to make your camping not just comfortable but just a bit luxurious.

Here’s an idea, Go to Birch Bay and dig up a bunch of Butter Clams, ice them down and take them camping. Split them open, douse them with garlic butter and sear them on the grill over a wood fire. Wow, follow those up with a steak and roasted corn on the cob and you’re in camper heaven.

Here’s a late rumor that is as yet unconfirmed but I hope it’s true. Seems like some early Sockeye have been spotted in the Skagit,. If you can confirm that, please let me know right away.

Don’t forget that Scout Troop 483 will be in our store this Saturday giving you the chance to turn in your old American flag and get a new one for FREE!

Have a great weekend and please take time to remember why we call it Memorial Day. It actually began as Decoration Day just after the Civil War to honor those who fell during that war by decorating their graves with flowers. The Confederate states had their own version for a while but early in the 20th Century the two events were combined and renamed Memorial Day to honor all those who fell in service to their country.

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