Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for January 18th, 2018

No recording available this week.

Hello out there, it’s Westy and Pinny the wonder dog at Yeager’s with your outdoor report. I’ll do most of the talking while Pinny gnaws on her rawhide chewy bone. Her main job around here is to help keep me relatively sane while I figure out the next thing I’m supposed to do.

Before I forget, I want to remind you that you can communicate with us directly, by email from our website and we always like hearing from you. Some good ideas have come from our customers and as we reload for 2018, we want to know if there are any lines or items you think we should be carrying.

This Sunday, I’ll be off to Las Vegas for the annual Shooting, Hunting Outdoor Show, It’s better known as the SHOT Show and is one of the largest trade shows in LV with more than 60,000 people in attendance. It’s not open to the public as it is an industry event where we go to see all that’s old and new in the shooting world and order hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shooting related merchandise for you to see in our store.

This is the 40th Anniversary of the SHOT Show and it will be my 37th. Shelly, our Shooting Sports Manager will be with me, and we’ll be looking at any suggestions you have for us, while we’re there.

Closer to home, we have a new manager in our ski and paddle sports department. Our former manager did a great job for us for 8 years but got the itch to go on the road in sales so we have promoted Corey Salas to that position. Many of you already know Corey as he has been the understudy there for some time so stop by and see him soon and enjoy some of that famous Yeager’s customer service.

You bird watchers will want to know that my wife and I took a drive on Sunday down Chuckanut and into Skagit County and saw about a million ducks of several species, several hundred Snow Geese, several hundred swans and most exciting, 14 Eagles in one tree. We get a lot of bird watchers in here to buy binoculars and if you’re just getting into bird watching we can tell you that the most popular size is 10 x 50 in whatever model or price range you choose to be in.

Out of space, time to close, thanks for visiting.