Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for November 16th, 2017

Hi out there, it’s Westy at Yeager’s with your outdoor report. Bear season has come and gone, and elk season has come and gone and I’m still eating chicken. I have one more brief window for deer hunting this week but if my luck doesn’t change I’ll be eating chicken all winter unless I have a good duck and goose season.

The only member of our crew to get anything this year so far is one of our warehouse guys who got a deer on the east side of the state. The only one in my family to connect on deer this year was my grandson with a three point mule deer near Winthrop.

I have an unconfirmed rumor that someone took a nice 6×6 bull elk off the Dike this year so if anyone can confirm that we’d like to hear about it. Pictures would be even better.

There is a late archery deer season in the 407 and some other units from November 22 thru December 31st. There is also a late muzzle loader season for deer in the 407 and some other units from November 22nd thru December 15th.

Archery hunters looking for elk get a late season in the 407 from November 22nd thru December 15th for any elk and those same dates are open for muzzle loader hunters as well.

Fishing has been good in Whatcom Creek for Chum and the same has been true on the Nooksack up around the Hwy 9 Bridge but the stormy weather earlier this week has knocked the river out of shape for a while. As soon as it clears and drops a bit, the fishing should be good again.

Skiers take note, there is a good chance that Mount Baker will open before Thanksgiving, maybe even this weekend, so be checking the Ski Report website daily for updates.

The North Cross highway is closed for the season so if you’re planning Thanksgiving on the other side of the mountains as we are, plan to use Stevens or Snoqualmie Pass and give yourself some extra travel time.

That’s a wrap for this week, thanks for visiting.