Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for September 14th, 2017

It’s Westy here at Yeager’s with your outdoor report and the best news I have, and you already know it, is that we have had our first cooling fall rains and although there is still some summer left, we shouldn’t be seeing any more of the blistering heat of July, August and early September.

That bit of rain has sent Coho surging up the Nooksack and fishing should be good for a few more days yet, and, if we get some more rain, well and good. Hopefully there was enough rain to reduce the fire danger and put a damper on some of the fires already burning. It’s still important to be very careful with fire or any combustibles until the woods get really well soaked.

My fishing guys are talking about adding “ Twitchin Jigs” to the usual array of Coho lures like Vibrax, Brad’s Wigglers, Dick Nites, Miracle Lures and Wicked Willies. I’m telling you, these guys are wearing me out with new lures and new techniques for catching fish. But… ..that’s why you need to be in here often, because our fishing staff love to fish and live to fish and they’re always on top of what’s working and how to use it. You can’t get that level of knowledge online or in any big box stores.

Goose hunters, your early season closes on the 15th so you still have a day or two for some early goose hunting. Haven’t heard of any big bags yet so let us know how you’re doing.

I’ve been checking the projections for duck hunting this fall and the sources all agree that we should have plenty of birds again this year. The total migration should be just over 47 million birds this year which is down slightly from last year but still above the 1955-2016 long term average by about 34%.

My tastes bud are already craving some grilled Mallard breasts with some rice pilaf a nice green salad paired with a nice Pinot Noir. I like cooking and eating wild game as much as I like harvesting it so watch this space for some of my favorite recipes.

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