Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for January 22nd, 2018

No recording available this week.

It’s Westy here at Yeager’s with your outdoor report and it’s mostly about winter trout fishing. You heard me right, I did say winter trout fishing.

Think about it. The rivers are too unpredictable with all the rising and falling and the complicated seasons. The bay is open for Blackmouth Salmon, but only if you have a boat, so it’s either lake fishing for trout, or, cleaning the garage.

Now, I know we all tend to think of trout fishing in lakes as a spring and summer activity but those trout haven’t gone to Phoenix for the winter. Those fish are still in the lakes and they still have to eat. The trick is, first of all, to dress yourself and equip your boat for cold weather fishing. We have propane heaters that can be used safely in an open boat and after that it is a matter of dressing for the weather.

I am continually amazed at the apparel technology available today. There are base layers and middle layers and outer layers that really will keep you warm and dry in virtually any weather conditions. Many of us in the store are hunters and fishers and we don’t like being cold and miserable any more than you do so we work hard at seeking out and stocking those garments. Our ski department is also well stocked with some really great cold weather clothing.

I recommend trolling a Wedding Ring spinner very slowly with a piece of worm on the hook. Other baits might work but worms seem to have special appeal in cold water. You also want to be a little nearer the top layer of water, I’d say ten feet or less of depth should be about right. If you use the removable split shot sinker we sell, you can add or subtract weight until you find the right depth.

If you’re a fly fisher, use a sink tip line and dead drift a small nymph or small wooly worm with some color, like pink or orange.

My first choice would be Lake Samish, but we have several other lakes open all year. Wiser, Terrell, and Tennant Lake are some other options, so come on in and get set up for some uncrowded fishing for trout that taste their best at this time of year. The flesh is firmer and they’ve been in the water long enough to have become more similar to wild fish, and best of all, they may have gained up to a half pound in weight.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for visiting.