Westy’s Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report for October 4th, 2018

No recording available this week.

Hi out there, it’s Westy at Yeager’s with your outdoor report.

Well, the opening weekend of muzzle loader deer hunting was a bust for me. I packed that 12-pound rifle all over one end of Stewart Mountain on Saturday morning and the only deer I saw were the ones in my yard eating apples and pears. The rain kept me in on Sunday so I rested up and studied my maps for next weekend.

I also watched something resembling a football game on Sunday but was not impressed. However, a win is a win.

Bear hunters might want to be thinking about cruising along the river forks. The season runs until November 15th in the 407 and 418 and with all these salmon in the river, you may just find a hungry bear looking for an easy meal at river’s edge.

Coho fishing has been spotty in the Nooksack and the Skagit from day to day. One day lots of fish are caught and the next day very few are. We are supposed to have mixed weather for the next few days with clearing on the weekend so hopefully the rivers will be in shape.

By the way, parts of the Skagit will be closed to sport fishers on the 9th and 10th for tribal fishing, so, take a couple of days off to keep everything peaceful.

An angel brought me a sack full of Chanterelle mushrooms a few days ago. I lightly breaded and fried the tops in butter and made soup with the rest. They were delicious. Of course, she wouldn’t share where she and her husband found them but I wouldn’t either. The location of your mushroom patch rates right up there with the numbers to your Swiss bank account as far as secrecy goes. Anyway, they are out there so hit the woods and get them while you can.

For those of you following the relocation of the Mountain Goats from the Olympic National Park to the North Cascades, a hundred have been successfully moved and that will be it for this year. A few were lost in the process and that is very sad, but when we fool with nature, we pay a price. The relocation will resume next summer and we’ll keep you posted as the plan moves forward.

I know it’s early to talk about ski season but last year we ran out of rental gear and had to re-order twice. So, if you’re planning for a season rental from us for this winter, we are open for business, right now.

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