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What’s New at Yeager’s



  • Schrade Machetes Sturdy tools for clearing brush, cutting firewood, and much more. Comes in an 18-inch ($21.99) and 22-inch ($25.99)
  • CRKT Sting Boot Knife $61.99 Portable, hide-able knife for self-defense. Comes with a sheath and straps that will attach comfortably to your leg.
  • New Swiss Army Knives Find a variety of Swiss knives to meet your specific needs! The Victorinox Soldier is standard-issue in today’s Swiss Armed Forces ($79.99), the Fisherman contains scissors, a ruler, and other tools to use on your next fishing trip ($53.99), the Rangerwood 55 contains all the tools of the above-mentioned Rangergrip with a beautiful walnut handle ($109.99). We also have stylish pouches to carry your knife wherever you go. Available in Medium ($9.99) and Large ($24.99)
  • Cascade Mountain Tech Backpacking Chairs Normally, the most uncomfortable part of backpacking is the lack of a chair. They’re usually too big and heavy to carry for miles. But not anymore. These chairs fold down to a manageable size and can be carried effortlessly. Available in low-back ($39.99) and high-back ($49.99)
  • New Trekking Poles Cascade Mountain Tech brings us lightweight, portable trekking poles! Comes in a telescoping set ($24.99) and a folding set ($37.99)
  • WeatherX Emergency Radios


  • Benelli Nova Pump Field Shotgun, Super Nova Pump Shotgun in Black/Camo Known as a premium name in the waterfowl community, the Benelli Nova/Super Nova Field Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun is an excellent option to consider before you set your next spread. With unsurpassed strength and a weather resistance exterior, the lightweight Pump features a rotating bolt head that helps contain the chamber pressure by the 2-lug rotary locking head by locking into a steel barrel extension. furthermore, the ergonomic trigger guard and safety is designed, blending style and function. Even as you’re aiming at the flock in the sky, the grooved grip surface provides an unmatched gripping surface and an unforgettably distinctive look.


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  • Web Belts in Foilage and Black
  • BIG BILL Wool Pants


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  • Swissmar Fondue Set
  • Progressive Smores Maker
  • Gearson Christmas Decor
  • Carsten’s Blankets and Pillows
  • Vegetable Savers
  • Ceramic Onion Soup Crocks
  • Counter Art Glass Cutting Boards


  • Needoo
  • Pairzi
  • Spin Flyer
  • Wheelybug
  • Ty Flippables
  • True Balance
  • Hatchimals
  • U Gears
  • Arty 3000 Drawing Robots
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls