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What’s New at Yeager’s



  • Schrade Machetes Sturdy tools for clearing brush, cutting firewood, and much more. Comes in an 18-inch ($21.99) and 22-inch ($25.99)
  • CRKT Sting Boot Knife $61.99 Portable, hide-able knife for self-defense. Comes with a sheath and straps that will attach comfortably to your leg.
  • New Swiss Army Knives Find a variety of Swiss knives to meet your specific needs! The Victorinox Soldier is standard-issue in today’s Swiss Armed Forces ($79.99), the Fisherman contains scissors, a ruler, and other tools to use on your next fishing trip ($53.99), the Rangerwood 55 contains all the tools of the above-mentioned Rangergrip with a beautiful walnut handle ($109.99). We also have stylish pouches to carry your knife wherever you go. Available in Medium ($9.99) and Large ($24.99)
  • Cascade Mountain Tech Backpacking Chairs Normally, the most uncomfortable part of backpacking is the lack of a chair. They’re usually too big and heavy to carry for miles. But not anymore. These chairs fold down to a manageable size and can be carried effortlessly. Available in low-back ($39.99) and high-back ($49.99)
  • New Trekking Poles Cascade Mountain Tech brings us lightweight, portable trekking poles! Comes in a telescoping set ($24.99) and a folding set ($37.99)
  • WeatherX Emergency Radios


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  • Swissmar Fondue Set
  • Progressive Smores Maker
  • Gearson Christmas Decor
  • Carsten’s Blankets and Pillows
  • Vegetable Savers
  • Ceramic Onion Soup Crocks
  • Counter Art Glass Cutting Boards


  • Needoo
  • Pairzi
  • Spin Flyer
  • Wheelybug
  • Ty Flippables
  • True Balance
  • Hatchimals
  • U Gears
  • Arty 3000 Drawing Robots
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls