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Sale valid through 12/31/2017

 New at Yeager’s:

Master Fishing Tackle pink 6.5ft trout rod with a spinning reel that lights up when you turn the crank. For every one of these sold, Master is going to contribute $5.00 to the fight against breast cancer. That’s amazing! Our regular price on these is $29.99 but to encourage you to buy them, we are lowering our price to $24.99. This is a good thing!

Kuhl Apparel – Comfortable durable outdoor clothing.

Kid’s Carhartt – Now back in stock!

Carhartt “Full Swing” Jackets

Fall & Winter Clothing & Shoes. Filson Fall Selection, Women’s Salmon Sisters XtraTufs, Old Friend Slippers, Women’s Seasonal Bogs

VisionX Lights. Bright, strong, and easy to install.

Daisy BSA Model 1910 BB Gun/Air Rifle. This is the model BB gun the scouts are use for their shooting badge, and it comes with all the accessories from BBs & targets, to safety glasses.

LuminAid solar inflatable lanterns. Waterproof, PVC Free, with three models in stock! Maybe you saw them on SharkTank, now you can check them out at Yeager’s!

Weego – All-in-One Battery Packs. Good for Jump Starts, mobile charging, power lights, and more! You should take a look at these. Small and easily packed, at a great price.

Food Wise Emergency Food Supply packs. Tuck away a 1 month supply of emergency food. 25 Year shelf life, you just add the water. Be prepared!

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