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You can browse more than $3 million dollars worth of firearms and shooting merchandise from the comfort of your home, and have it shipped to Yeager’s Sporting Goods with a click of a button. View each item with detail and select exactly the product you’re looking for, whether it is a new rifle, a home defense pistol, ammunition, scopes, holsters, or many more.

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Hunting/Shooting Sports Department Info

Whether you are a hunter or shooting sport enthusiast, Yeager’s has you covered with a wide selection of rifles, shotguns and pistols. In fact, we have more variety in firearms and holster selection than anywhere else in Bellingham, offering new and used firearms; consignments welcome. Why drive south when you can get what you need right here?

Along with the firearms themselves, Yeager’s carries all variety of shooting accessories including magazines, scopes and mounts, targets, supplies for cleaning and maintaining your firearm, eye and ear protection and gun safes. We have ammo supplies as well.

We also carry several top-name hunting and utility knives – don’t leave home on your next outdoor adventure without one.

Firearms Sale Facts

FACT: In order to sell firearms anywhere in the U.S. a dealer must apply for, be vetted for, and be issued a Federal Firearms License by the Bureau of Alcohol Tax Firearms and Explosives (ATF). There are several types of FFLs and the one under which Yeager’s operates does not allow for the possession or sale of automatic firearms but does allow for the sale of semi-automatic rifles pistols and shotguns.
FACT; In order to sell firearms in the state of Washington, we are also required to have a state license issued by the Department of Licensing.
FACT: In order to sell firearms in the city of Bellingham, we are each also required to have a permit issued by the Bellingham Police Department.
FACT: In order for a person to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer anywhere in the U.S. that person must present themselves to the dealer in person, must fill out an ATF Form 4473 and present some form of government issued identification such as a driver’s license. This form has very specific questions about the buyers legal and mental status and fraudulent answers on the form can be subject to prosecution. We must maintain these forms for 20 years or until we stop selling firearms at which time we must surrender them to the ATF. We are also required to give copies of these forms to any law enforcement agency that requests them.
FACT: Before we can actually issue the firearm to the buyer, we are required to get a telephonic approval from the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). If they tell us to “Proceed” we can then issue the firearm. If they give us a “Delay” we must hold the firearm until they get back to us with a “Proceed” or a “Deny. This can take up to three days.”

We are not allowed to know the reason for the “Delay” or the “Denial” but denials must be reported to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.
FACT: For the purchase of a handgun, there is an additional step in the process. We must submit a Pistol Transfer Application on line to the state and by FAX to local law enforcement. This form requires a ten-day waiting period for the approval or disapproval of the actual transfer of the handgun. This permit must be renewed periodically.
In Washington State, private transfers outside of immediate family are subject to all the same regulations.
ADDITIONAL FACTs: Yeager’s management attends seminars annually to ensure that we are up to date on the pertinent regulations pursuant to the sale of firearms. Further we hire consultants to visit our store each year to conduct an audit to ensure that we are in compliance. These consultants are themselves retired ATF agents.

Free Limited-Lifetime Warranty

Yeager’s understands that you are making a long term investment when you purchase a firearm, and we want you to rest assured that we are with you for the lifetime of the gun. To that end, we offer a life-time warranty on all our firearms, both new and used (excluding consignments).

We’ve kept it simple, and easy to understand– no complex or confusing language, just the facts. To read the complete text of our warranty click here.


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  • Glock
  • Springfield Armory
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Kel Tec
  • Kahr Arms
  • Ruger
  • Beretta
  • Benelli
  • Taurus
  • Remington
  • Gallery of Guns
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  • Winduk
  • Allen
  • Butler creek
  • Final Approach
  • Primos
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  • Federal
  • CCI
  • Remington
  • Winchester
  • Wolf
  • PMC
  • Kent
  • Magtech
  • Fiocchi
  • Estate
  • Cor Bon
  • Magtech
  • Leupold
  • Pentax
  • Bushnell
  • Browning
  • And more...
  • Gerber
  • Benchmade
  • Columbia River Knife and Tool
  • Leathertool
  • Kershaw
  • Cold Steel

Meet John "Westy" Westerfield

John (Westy) Westerfield first came to work at Yeager’s in 1973 as a clerk in the hunting and fishing departments. Within a couple of years he was an assistant store manager and managed the fishing tackle and shoe departments. In 1980, with the blessing of Frank Uhrig the store manager and eventual owner, Westy went on the road for 30 years during which he represented a number of major hunting and fishing companies. At various times he was a sales rep for Lyman, CVA, Colt, Federal Ammunition, Master Fishing Tackle, Les Davis Fishing Tackle, RCBS, Taurus and Glock, eventually becoming a regional manager for Glock running their commercial and Law Enforcement business in the thirteen western states. His final field job was as VP of Sales for Para-Ordnance, a position he held for ten years. Tiring of the road, but still loving the business, Westy accepted the position of Store Manager at Yeager’s in November of 2009, in support of the ailing owner, Frank Uhrig and upon Frank’s death in 2010 took up the reins fully. Throughout his career, Westy maintained his love of hunting and fishing and has pursued elk in Washington and Wyoming, bear in Washington, antelope in Montana, geese in Texas and prairie dogs in Wyoming and Montana. An avid waterfowler, he was a member of the Duckbusters Hunting Club for many years in Whatcom County. His love of fishing took him from Washington to Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia, California, and Alaska, in pursuit of trout, salmon and steelhead or whatever was available. His future plans are to stay at Yeager’s at the pleasure of the owners for several more years while continuing to enjoy the great outdoors with his family, especially those seven grandchildren.