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Our Pros

What makes Yeager’s different from the big box stores is that we hire people with extensive knowledge in the products they sell and the sports or endeavors for which they are intended, or, we train them until they do.

Our fishing crew has nearly 200 years of experience among them and that experience covers every form of fishing in the Pacific Northwest and for every species of fish and every season.

Our shootings sports department includes ex-military, ex-law-enforcement, experienced big game, waterfowl, upland game and varmint hunters as well as competition shooters from several different disciplines.

In our ski and paddle shop you will find experts in both categories who participate in the sports, have taken special training in them, and have the knowledge to guide you in your selection of product.

And, everywhere you go in our store you will find knowledgeable people ready, and eager, to help you whether it be in the selection of sporting gear, or the selection of clothing and shoes to accompany it, or where to go to enjoy it. We even have experts in the preparation, preservation, and storage of food and game.

Yeager’s is where the Pros are.

Andrew Plante : Apparel & Footwear Department

Andrew Plante

Apparel & Footwear Department

Originally from Kansas City, Andrew moved to Bellingham in 2016. A love for the outdoors drew him from the Midwest to the Northwest. Hiking and camping are among his favorite pastimes. Whether you are looking for the gear you need to have fun or to get the job done Andrew is happy to help.

Email Andrew at: yeagersandrewp@gmail.com

Vicki Adelstein : Kitchen Korner & Toyland Department

Vicki Adelstein

Kitchen Korner & Toyland Department

If you asked Vicki Adelstein about her position at Yeagers, she would tell you without hesitation that this has been the best job she’s had in her entire life. The weight of this statement really comes into perspective when it comes from someone with 42 years of retail management experience, and Vicki’s experience and passion has made an incredible impact on what Yeagers’ Toyland and Kitchen Korner have become today. After the closure of Fountain Toys, Vicki came back to Yeagers and took the entire downstairs under her wing. Remodeling the basement, bringing in a whole swath of new products, and breathing renewed life into these departments, it was her goal to bring the best of both worlds together to create what is now the largest specialty toystore in Whatcom County. Vicki takes her responsibilities seriously, and loves the opportunity to provide guests with nothing but the best housewares and toys. She can often be found discussing products with customers, asking their opinions on what they’d like to see in the store or what they think about things they’ve purchased, doing her best to tailor fit her departments to the needs of the community.

Email Vicki at: yeagersvicki@gmail.com

John “Westy” Westerfield : Store Manager

John “Westy” Westerfield

Store Manager

John (Westy) Westerfield first came to work at Yeager’s in 1973 as a clerk in the hunting and fishing departments. Within a couple of years he was an assistant store manager and managed the fishing tackle and shoe departments. In 1980, with the blessing of Frank Uhrig the store manager and eventual owner, Westy went on the road for 30 years during which he represented a number of major hunting and fishing companies. At various times he was a sales rep for Lyman, CVA, Colt, Federal Ammunition, Master Fishing Tackle, Les Davis Fishing Tackle, RCBS, Taurus and Glock, eventually becoming a regional manager for Glock running their commercial and Law Enforcement business in the thirteen western states. His final field job was as VP of Sales for Para-Ordnance, a position he held for ten years. Tiring of the road, but still loving the business, Westy accepted the position of Store Manager at Yeager’s in November of 2009, in support of the ailing owner, Frank Uhrig and upon Frank’s death in 2010 took up the reins fully. Throughout his career, Westy maintained his love of hunting and fishing and has pursued elk in Washington and Wyoming, bear in Washington, antelope in Montana, geese in Texas and prairie dogs in Wyoming and Montana. An avid waterfowler, he was a member of the Duckbusters Hunting Club for many years in Whatcom County. His love of fishing took him from Washington to Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia, California, and Alaska, in pursuit of trout, salmon and steelhead or whatever was available. His future plans are to stay at Yeager’s at the pleasure of the owners for several more years while continuing to enjoy the great outdoors with his family, especially those seven grandchildren.

Brendon Mayberry : Ski & Paddle Shop

Brendon Mayberry

Ski & Paddle Shop

Raised in the Northwest (Oregon/Washington) and groomed in the Mt West (Salt Lake City), Brendon enjoys skiing, snowboarding, bikes, paddling and camping. He surrounds himself daily with favorite activities to best understand how gear performs and how to get the best experience out of your recreational activities. Brendon has spent the last decade outside or on the mountain, working in ski shops and understanding the technical aspects of human performance. Come stop by to see how Brendon and his team can make your ski experience more comfortable and precise. Email Brendon at yeagersbrendonm@gmail.com.

Vincent “Vinny” Isturis : Fishing Department

Vincent “Vinny” Isturis

Fishing Department

Vinny learned to fish in the vast wilderness surrounding his hometown of Juneau, Alaska. When college sports took him to Arkansas and Oregon, he didn't quit. After moving back to Alaska, Vinny went on a bass fishing trip to Lake Terrell. He fell in love; both with Bellingham and with bass. The combination of city life and outdoor recreation convinced Vinny and his wife to settle here. "This is pretty much what I've always wanted to do. Talk about fishing, think about fishing, and fish."

Email Vinny at: yeagersvincei@gmail.com

Christopher Burton : Camping Department

Christopher Burton

Camping Department

Chris Burton's love of the outdoors started at an early age, and was cultivated through years of hiking, camping, kayaking, sailing, and snowboarding throughout Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. He eventually followed his girlfriend west to Bellingham and fell in love with the stunning natural environment. After a cold winter working at Mt. Baker, he eventually found a home at Yeager's. When he's not giving advice to customers or making his favorite camping gear available, he can still be found in the woods, on the water, or in deep powder.

Email Chris at: yeagerschristopherb@gmail.com