Recipe: Butter Clams on the Half Shell | Yeagers Sporting Goods

Butter Clams on the Half Shell I got this recipe from my daughter Christy and it became an instant favorite.

-For cleanest and best tasting clams, keep them in seawater overnight to get the sand out of them. Rinse the outside with cold water to get rid of more sand.

-With a stout knife, split the clam right down the middle and cut or break the hinge to give you two separate pieces, with half a clam in each one.

-Clip the black tip off of the neck, and with your thumbnail, gouge out as much of the green stuff as you can but don’t overdo it or you’ll lose the “butter” that gives this clam its name.

-With the shell side up and the meat side down, dip it into an egg and milk mixture.  Then dip it into a plate of seasoned flour.  We like Johnny’s but Lawry’s is good too.  We always use the “Non MSG” versions.  You may want to add a bit of onion or garlic powder to the seasoning

-Drop them meat side down into a heavy frying pan with about and eighth inch of melted butter and fry them until they are a rich golden brown.

-Once they are done, eat them right out of the shell.  You may need to run a knife tip under the meat to make sure you get that sweet muscle along with the rest of the meat.

Wine pairings?  We recommend a nice Chardonnay or a crisp Pinot Grigio, but nearly any white wine will do. Enjoy!