Recipe: Westy’s Favorite Trout | Yeagers Sporting Goods

Westy’s Favorite Trout

Here is my favorite way to prepare those trout up to about 12 inches.

  • Scale them, it improves the flavor and make the skin more palatable.
  • Split them from the vent to the gills and remove all entrails and the gills if you leave the head on.  Be sure to get all the blood out that lies in the kidney along the backbone.
  • Dust them lightly inside with your favorite seasoning salt and a bit of pepper.
  • Roll them in seasoned flour, dip them in an egg and milk mix and roll in the flour again.
  • Fry them in vegetable oil or butter but if you use butter be careful not to scorch them.  Brown one side, nice and golden crispy, and then the other.
  • If serving them for dinner, a crisp green salad and a rice pilaf make good sides.  If wine is your thing, Chardonay!
  • My favorite way to eat these trout is for breakfast next to some well-buttered pancakes and maple syrup.  Oh yeah, a little of that syrup gets on that crispy crust and that’s a gooood thing