Recipe: Westy’s Trout & Pancake Breakfast | Yeagers Sporting Goods

Westy’s Trout and Pancake Breakfast

-First, I scale all the fish I catch.  Most of the “fishy” flavor is in the scales and the slime on the outside of the fish so scaling leaves you only the tastiest flesh to eat.  I use a stainless steel brush applied gently from tail to head to remove the scales.  Then rinse.

-Next, gut and head the fish and be sure to get all the kidney blood out of the inside of the backbone.  A dedicated toothbrush is good for this.  Remove all the fins, being sure to get all the bones, especially those of the dorsal fin by cutting along both sides and pulling the fin out in one piece.

-Mix one egg with one cup of milk times whatever you need for the number of fish you are going to cook  One and one will do 4-6 trout depending on size.

-Mix flour with your favorite seasonings. I use one of the seasoned salts from the grocery store, the No-MSG version.  Be generous with the seasoning.  You can also add any other seasoning you like.  Dust the inside of the fish with just the seasoning, not the flour.

-Dry the fish with paper towels, then dip them in the egg and milk mix and dredge them in the seasoned flour, then fry them in your favorite oil until they are nice and brown on both sides.  Peanut oil is a good choice.

-Serve them on warmed plates with a stack of your favorite pancakes and be a little generous with the maple syrup.  When some of that syrup eases over to join the crispy crust on the fish, oh yeah, you’re living right.